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Plus Line Anniversary edition - Plus Line / A2 PLUS - Double-cut pruning shears PLUS

A2 PLUS - Double-cut pruning shears PLUS
20 cm (7.9 in)
250 gr (8.8 oz)
Ø cut
25 mm (1.0 in)
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A2 PLUS - Double-cut pruning shears PLUS

The double-cut secateur’s blades are designed to converge towards the center of the branch to be pruned, thus reducing the amount of effort needed and providing a clean cut. With these shears there is no shattering of the wood, which allows the tree to heal quicker and makes this tool particularly suitable for pruning fruit trees.  The high-carbon blades are fully hot-forged, tempered and then finished with a hard chrome plating laced with Xylan 1010 particles to provide a superior cut, as well as optimum strength and durability.
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