Vesco Italy

X Series - robotic cut / X30 - CORDLESS Robotic shears

cod. X30
without battery
Brushless 350 W
900 gr (31.7 oz)
Ø cut
32 mm
EAN code
8033986148635 (X30)
EAN code
8033986148642 (X30.1)

X30 - CORDLESS Robotic shears

The latest addition to the VESCO line of electrically powered driven “Robotic” pruning shear is a cordless model.  It empowers the user with the maximum freedom of movement and productivity as the interchangeable battery is connected to the body of the shear.  The lighter design also allows for a quicker and less fatiguing pruning experience that is enhanced by the progressive cutting speed and the trigger controlled double selectable opening mode (3/4” and 1 1/4”).

By way of a powerful brushless motor this cordless shear is able to cut branches up to 1 1/4” in diameter placing it at the top of this market segment as the ideal tool for use in the vineyard and orchard. As is the case for the X40 model, both blades are hot-forged chrome vanadium steel. 
The body of the shear’s frame is constructed with hot-forged aluminum rendering it extremely light, robust and warranted for life while the anatomically designed outer shells are composed of carbon-filled nylon material that is comfortable to grip and soft to the touch.  

The complete X30 cordless shears kit is packaged in a handy backpack (F14) that includes two 38 Wh /cad batteries and a charging station that can accommodate up to 3 batteries at one time.  For additional information please refer to the product overview.