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Professional saws - C Line / C50 - Curved blade saw

C50 - Curved blade saw
blade length
27-32 cm (10.6-12.6 in)
310-335 gr (10.9-11.8 oz)
EAN code 27
8033986142121 (C50/27)
EAN code 32
8033986142138 (C50/32)

C50 - Curved blade saw

This pull-stroke pruning saw ensures a clean and precise cut.  To ensure durability and a superior cut, this blade has a three-sided cutting edge and tempered teeth. A chrome finish has also been applied to the blade to allow for a smoother, nearly effortless use.  To enhance the user’s comfort the handle is ergonomically designed and made of a composite material.  This saw is available in two lengths and comes with a protective plastic sheath that has a flat rotating belt-loop.
code description assortment pack EAN code

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