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Professional by-pass branch cutters - V Line / V50 - Direct by-pass branch-cutters

V50 - Direct by-pass branch-cutters
50-60-80 cm (19.7-23.6-31.5 in)
600-680-840 gr (21.2-24.0-29.6 oz)
EAN code 50
8033986146013 (V50/50)
EAN code 60
8033986146020 (V50/60)
EAN code 80
8033986146037 (V50/80)

V50 - Direct by-pass branch-cutters

Suitable for pruning branches of medium diameter thanks to its mechanism of direct cut. It’s an by-pass branch-cutter where the curved blade performing a clear and clean cut. The by-pass system performs cuts leaving no protusion on the pruned. The light weight and the thin shape make the branch-cutter very easy to handle. Blade unit is made of hot forged and tempered steel. Available in three lenghts.
Professional by-pass branch cutters - V Line
code description assortment pack EAN code
V50-R4 Shock-absorber (couple) Shock-absorber (couple) 8033986146525
V50-R20 Mobile blade Mobile blade 8033986146532
V50-R21 Mobile blade Mobile blade 8033986146549
V50-R22 Mobile blade Mobile blade 8033986146556
V50-R10 Fixed-blade+handle Fixed-blade+handle 8033986146624
V50-R11 Fixed-blade+handle Fixed-blade+handle 8033986146631
V50-R12 Fixed-blade+handle Fixed-blade+handle 8033986146648
T10-R5 Pair of Ergogrip knobs Pair of Ergogrip knobs 8033986141704
T10-R6 Nut + central screw Nut + central screw 8033986141711

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