Vesco Italy
To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the VESCO brand we have created a special commemorative production that embodies our know how and experience. The Plus Line represents the company culture of VESCO in that it is designed for the customer with high performance standards and that wants to utilize the very best tools available. To achieve this, VESCO has adopted the use of composite materials derived from nanotechnology that are normally found only for components in the aeronautical industry. More specifically the aluminum components are an Ergal compound that leverages it’s ligh weight and high strenght characteristics to achieve an unprecedented level of performance in pruning tools. Furthermore, the blades of the “Plus” series have been pre-treated with a hard chrome finish that is subsequently enhanced with Xylan 1010 particles to increase its durability and cutting performace. The design of this special series is accentuated by using black handle grippers and golden components. The final result is an exceptional product with unique characteristics. VESCO PLUS: PERFECTION CAN BE ACHIEVED!

Plus Line Anniversary edition

Plus Line