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Professional anvil branch cutters - T Line / T20 - Curved anvil branch-cutters with lever

T20 - Curved anvil branch-cutters with lever
60-80-100 cm (23.6-31.5-39.4 in)
820-980-1140 gr (28.9-34.6-40.2 oz)
EAN code 60
8033986141209 (T20/60)
EAN code 80
8033986141216 (T20/80)
EAN code 100
8033986141223 (T20/100)

T20 - Curved anvil branch-cutters with lever

This branch-cutter has several advantages: it increases the maximum size of the cut, decreases cutting effort and it allows for easy replacement of the cutting blade. The curved anvil and pull-back slicing action of the blade hold the branch in place and produce an easier and cleaner cut. The mobile blade is mounted in an eccentric position: this allows the branch to be dragged towards the fulcrum avoiding possible slipping. Blade unit is made of hot forged and tempered steel. Available in three lenghts.
code description assortment pack EAN code
T20-R2 Curved blade Curved blade 8033986141520
T20-R4 Aluminum anvil curved Aluminum anvil curved 8033986141544
T10-R31 "Pull lever" + handle "Pull lever" + handle 8033986141612
T10-R33 "Pull lever" + handle "Pull lever" + handle 8033986141636
T10-R11 Fixed-blade + handle Fixed-blade + handle 8033986141643
T10-R12 Fixed-blade + handle Fixed-blade + handle 8033986141650
T10-R13 Fixed-blade + handle Fixed-blade + handle 8033986141667
T10-R32 "Pull lever" + handle "Pull lever" + handle 8033986141629
T10-R5 Pair of Ergogrip knobs Pair of Ergogrip knobs 8033986141704
T10-R6 Nut + central screw Nut + central screw 8033986141711
T10-R7 Nut + central screw Nut + central screw 8033986141728
T10-R8 Screw (for pull lever fixing) Screw (for pull lever fixing) 8033986141735
T10-R9 Adjustable stop Adjustable stop 8033986141742

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